PDF Viewer implements Intents, which allows you to open PDF files programmatically.

To open a PDF file from your application, you can use this Kotlin snippet:

// Get your document URI.
val uri = Uri.fromFile(documentFile)
val mime = "application/pdf"

// Prepare an implicit intent.
val intent = Intent().apply {
action = Intent.ACTION_VIEW
setDataAndType(uri, mime)

// Find PDF Viewer's document activity.
val viewerPackageName = "com.pspdfkit.viewer"
val viewerActivity = context.packageManager
.queryIntentActivities(intent, PackageManager.MATCH_ALL)
.map { it.activityInfo }
.firstOrNull { it.packageName == viewerPackageName }

// This check ensures that PDF Viewer was found on the device.
viewerActivity?.let {
// Update the intent making it explicitly use PDF Viewer.
val viewerComponent = ComponentName(it.packageName, it.name)

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