PDF Viewer offers a Pro subscription to unlock additional capabilities. This will both help us to keep working on this app and will unlock even more great features for you, such as:

  • Merging Documents (iOS / Android)
  • Presenter Mode (iOS)
  • Replies and Reviews (iOS / Android)
  • Non-Destructive Image Editing (iOS / Android)
  • Copy and Paste Pages (iOS)
  • Document Info allowing you to add or edit document metadata (iOS / Android
  • Advanced Settings (iOS / Android)
  • Redacting Documents (iOS/ Android)
  • Create and Edit Link Annotations (iOS)

And so much more!

Why are we offering a subscription?

With version 3 and the introduction of the Pro package we have not taken away any of the existing functionality. The Pro package simply allows you to unlock additional features, some of which we could not justify building without the expected support of power users. If none of the Pro features are useful to you, you can simply continue using PDF Viewer as you did before.

We’ve released PDF Viewer for free two years ago, and have since shipped 41 application updates. We will keep updating PDF Viewer regularly, both the free as well as the Pro version, with new features and improvements.  

Some of the features, however, take a lot of time and effort to implement. There are multiple developers working on PDF Viewer, and the development work does come at a cost significantly higher than server or backend upkeep would be.

Our goal has always been to provide a great experience for all users of PDF Viewer, and our hope is that the Pro package will enable us to invest additional time and improve the PDF Viewer experience even more.

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